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10 Unique Wedding Cake Flavors that Go Far Beyond Vanilla

When we talk about the wedding, the hardest thing is to decide about the cake, there are tons of flavors taste during but still, you think which best and which combinations is you can use. Starting from classic champagne and chocolate cakes to lemon delights you can use many combinations. Here we are going to explore the best 10 choices for wedding cakes you can find. Some of them are traditional wedding cake flavors and some have a modern delight. If you read through it will make it much easier to choose your own wedding cake for your upcoming wedding.

Let’s read out and explore the world of wedding cakes.


Wedding coming soon? Friends must be looking for the best cake to celebrate your bridal shower. What can be better than pink champagne cake with cheese and buttercream mixture in it with the super pink colored top layer having a mouthwatering combo of strawberries and cherries on it?


Want to eat food both, with a sharp and sweet taste yet not eat many different foods at the wedding? Here is the miracle of food “luscious lemon cake with the citrusy flavor of lemon which is of course, mild and by the same time, some vanilla and pineapple flavoring part diffusing down to your sweet taste buds. If you want to add more flavor, you can have some dry fruits put on the top of the cake.


We have learned some different and special types of cakes from different parts of the world. To make your wedding day, the most memorable event even while it comes to food and its menu. Here is the marvel of its ” grand Marnier” with the taste I bet you never have had before. This is one of the French’s best cakes with the booze that ads up to its simple yet unique flavor and dual dub the honeymoon feel.


Most of our customers amor this cake, because it has the benefit of good flavor and having ingredients rich in nutrients.


Wanna have cake but should it have some spice? What’s better than our chef’s recipe of ginger spice cake with coffee beans and hot chocolate and some citrusy fruit on it of your choice. We also give this cake as a gift for your wedding.


The cake should be the sort of something that attractive that if a person is not very fond of desserts, he still should be helplessly attracted to when sees it. Eat a velvet top? One of the best choices you can make. We also have a mixture of cheese and some different delicious cream in it ready to pop out right after cutting the cake. Mouthwatering, isn’t it?


Craving for chocolate cake with buttercream? Chocolate made with coffee beans on the top of the cake with some hard chocolate on it for the good appearance as a chocolate torte. You won’t resist it!


This is also the dish of France that, because of its uniqueness, spread all over the kitchens of the world including ours. Bring this prototypical flavor to your menu at a wedding with vanilla and butter cake having the filling of banana and the caramel coupling with rum and cinnamon.


We can add, peanuts instead of almonds because of its natural salty and sweet flavor, on the top with a mixture of peanut butter sorbet at the inner layering of the cake and as its name says, on the top, with peanut butter cups.


We also have another cake that can taste both sour and sweet at the same time, which has vanilla cream and cinnamon crumbs that mimic a classic pie crust

In the end, these are some specialties we make but if you order it from ours, at your wedding, we come up with a surprise gift too to wish you a happy married life in our unique way as our food is.

Written by Purwa Sharmeen Abbas

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