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Wedding cake trends that will never go out of style

We all enjoy traditional weddings, but none of us ever thought when did these traditions start. We never thought why and when wedding cakes become part of weddings, but this is one trend that is still loved today, and there is no sign that it will fade anytime soon.

Where did the wedding cake tradition start?

A wedding cake brings a sweet sentiment, and like other many wedding traditions, it brings sweetness, good luck, and prosperity to the married couple in their subsequent life. Yes, it is a critical sentiment and will always remain important in the future too.

The traditions became part of the wedding when bread was broken over the newlywed couple’s head as a sign of wishing good luck. Later, it evolved into a pie, and finally, a cake took the place of the original bread. In the past, the cakes were not as fancy and elaborative as these are today, but a cake represented the wealth and class of the couple.

The 19th-century cakes were usually the fruitcakes, which could be kept for a long time. Sometimes it was considered as good luck to stay the top tier of the cake and eat it on the anniversary or at the christening of the first baby.

Wedding cake trends which meant to stay

White Wedding cakes:

The first white cake was designed in 1840 when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert. This was the first time when a white wedding cake was designed, and later it became a tradition.

And after a century most wedding cakes today are still white, or white with some color touches. White is known as a traditional color and considered as the color of weddings. And it is not going out of wedding cake traditions sooner or later. White can be anything, or everything and can always be elegant. Layers of masterpiece

The wedding cakes are becoming taller and taller over time; today wedding cakes are the masterpiece of art and architecture. Why on earth would someone have a single-layered ordinary cake on the best day of his/her life? On the big day, the couple asks for nothing less than a masterpiece of layers with multiple tiers and extraordinary designs. The tradition of multi-layered cake is not ready to disappear shortly, but the cakes can go taller in future.

Miniature couple perched on top

In 1950 the trend of cake toppers appeared, and it was a significant hit. Today the toppers are still in fashion. Traditional cakes have a topper couple to keep the old tradition alive. You can have a general topper, or you can design a custom topper which represents explicitly you and your partner.

Flowers on the cake

When we talk about celebrations the first thing comes to mind is flowers, and yes a wedding cake becomes more precious when decorated with flowers. The decoration of wedding cakes with flowers will never fade out. The decoration can be made with fresh florals and with good ones crafted especially for the cakes.

A flower brings a romantic feeling, and a wedding is all about romance, that’s why the tradition of floral decoration can never be faded.

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