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Chocolate Food Gift Basket Snack Gifts for Women, Men, Families

  • DELICIOUS VARIETY: Each gourmet snack gift basket contains 2.5 to 3 lbs of treats. With up to 10 different, tasty options in each basket, there's sure to be something appealing for all ages and something everyone can enjoy.
  • SHARE THE LOVE: With plenty of snacks to go around, our thoughtful and beautiful gift baskets make wonderful gifts for groups, families, parties, meetings, and gatherings. From the corporate boardroom to somber funerals, or college care packages to a milestone birthday present, our gift baskets and gift boxes bring a smile with the welcome gift of food.
  • CUSTOMER FAVORITES: Stuffed with decadent sweet treats and salty snacks, let your recipient indulge in our perfectly chosen flavor combinations. A typical gift basket might include: Creme brûlée, trail mix, chocolate pecan caramels, hazelnut-filled puff pastry, mint chocolate chip cookies, butter toffee mixed nuts, Pirouline hazelnut wafer rolls, and much more.
  • DESIGNER GIFT BASKETS: Skip the flowers or boring gift cards that don't last and send the thoughtful and nourishing gift of food, expertly selected and artfully arranged to make a statement that delivers on quality and taste.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Broadway Basketeers sells exclusively kosher gift baskets. Each item is individually wrapped for maximum flavor and freshness.