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Deconstructed Cakes: The New Trend In The Air

Yes, we are calling it, the new trend is coming, and it will be deconstructed cakes.

The Royal wedding set the trend; the mighty deconstructed cake took the place of a traditional white cake. The royal wedding broke the tradition of cakes and brought a new royal flavor and exotic taste into royal weddings.

Now the couples are foregoing the traditions and opting for something different and stylish. The cutout tiers assembled on amazing structures and shelves make the wedding cake inspiration. Well, cutting out layers does not mean cutting the cake out of the wedding, you can present it in a more stylish and classy manner. And for this, the idea of a deconstructed wedding cake came out.

How the deconstructed cakes are assembled?

These cakes are not a tall tiered cake, but a stylish assembling is made with different sizes and shapes. You can choose among many styles and combinations like cupcakes, double-tiered cakes, single tier cakes or a bunch of floral cakes.

Simple white design with florals and embellishments gives a romantic and stylish look to the cake table at the wedding.  A large double sized cake can be set up on a single cake with a bunch of cupcakes and pastries alongside to make the table decorative and attractive.

The trend in the air:

We love the idea of deconstructed cakes, and surely you are also in love with this. A combination of flavors, styles, and colors makes the cake a versatile option for couples. The couple loves the diversity and style of deconstructed cakes with different features.

If you are thinking, “three different layers of cakes, huh it will be messy, why should I opt it for my wedding.” Well, NO, it is not messy, in fact, it is a real wonder of the bakery. Just think about tiers of different highest in different stands with floral patterns and toppers. The cake could look like a mish-mash of shapes with elegant floral toppers the most Royal wedding cake you have ever seen.

Moreover, a deconstructed cake can turn your dessert table into even more of a grand feature with the separate features bringing more grandeur to the tablespace by simply taking up more room than a traditional wedding cake.

We are looking forward to what this new trend is going to bring in the next 12 months. Indeed it is one of the inimitable trends which will bring a change in wedding dessert table.